Lawn Care Tips


When it comes to taking care of your lawn, one of the most important maintenance practices is also one of the most basic. This is Watering. As the company responsible for maintaining your lawn, you can count on us to apply the correct fertilizer and control products in the right quantities and appropriate time of the year. But we must count on you for proper watering. We have to function as a team.

1) Whenever possible water in the morning as opposed to watering at night. Watering at night can create a perfect breeding ground for disease and fungus by way of standing water. Watering in the middle of the day (especially on hot, sunny days) will do little good because the water begins to burn off before it really gets a chance to soak in. Also, for broad leaf plants, watering under excessive sunshine can cause the leaves to "burn" as result of sunlight being intensified by water drops. By watering in the early morning, the water has plenty of time to soak into the soil before burning off. Then, the water droplets on the actual grass blades will evaporate as temperatures begin to rise.

2) Water deeply! This is probably one of the most important tips in regard to watering. It doesn't matter whether you are watering your lawn, your vegetable garden or your landscaping. Always water deeply. By watering for as long as possible at each watering and then extending the periods between watering, you are allowing the water to soak more deeply into the soil which encourages deep root growth. This, in turn, helps the plant sustain itself through times of drought and gives it more chance to absorb more of the nutrients that it needs for survival.

I would suggest watering for as long as you can without causing standing water or erosion of any soil. If this is only 1/2 hour, then water once per day or every other day. If you can water safely for an hour or two, then water every 4 or 5 days. Extend the periods between watering for as long as you can with out harming the plant. The more the plants have to work, the better-off they will be in the long run (as long as their work provides a payoff).

1. When Seeded

KEEP THE SOIL MOIST. Water 2 to 3 times daily for approximately 10 minutes per application. You are just trying to get and keep the seed moist so it will germinate. Do not let the top ½” of soil become dry until seedlings have completely emerged (usually 2 to 4 weeks). Germination time varies according to seed type and weather conditions.

2. Once the seedlings have germinated

Water less often but for a longer period of time. For example, every other day or every third day for 15-20 minutes and then every third or fourth day for 20-30 minutes until the plants have matured. This trains the roots to dig deep within the soil to access water and will help the plant to naturally become more droughts tolerant.

3. Established lawns (after 3rd or 4th mowing)

Maintain a consistent watering schedule depending on current weather conditions. Mature lawn should be watered twice a week with ½” of water per application in the absence of rainfall. It is better to water a lawn fewer times per week for longer periods than short, frequent, light watering.

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