Choosing the Proper Lawn Care Service

It’s that point of year once more, time to begin wondering fertilizing your lawn and handling the chores that go together with it. Perhaps this can be the year you let an expert handle the headache for you, however WHO does one choose? The Maryland Department of Agriculture contains a nice pamphlet with queries you must raise before preferring a lawn care service. Eco-Lawn System meets these standards and I’d wish to highlight a number of reasons why we must always be your lawn care service company. 

Our Products... We use professional-grade products – the same ones used on 90 of the top 100 golf courses in the U.S. Our fertilizers are slow-release formulations with organic matter that give your lawn a steady, even greening without surge growth and feed the lawn root system. Our fertilizer blends are fortified with iron for enhanced color and high in potassium to help your lawn against summer stress. Many of our competitors, especially the large, national companies, use high nitrogen quick-release fertilizers in these applications, resulting in excessive growth, and also hurting the root system. This actually causes water loss in the grass and depletes energy reserves and makes the turf more susceptible to disease incidence, such as brown patch. With our fertilization programs, we use heavy nitrogen fertilizers on in the fall applications. University research shows at least 60% of your lawn’s nitrogen requirements should be applied in the fall, when grass growth slows, allowing for more use of the nutrients by the turf’s root system. Most grass plant's root development occurs over the fall, and especially the winter months. This approach causes the turf to store the nutrients over the winter giving you a thick, lush green lawn in the spring so you don’t have to apply harmful amounts of quick-release nitrogen in the spring. 

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