At ELS we begin with professional lawn mowing that is unique to each client's desire and need. For those who experience trouble with weeds, crabgrass, clover and the prominent dandelion; we deal with such issues to keep your lawn healthy as well as beautifully manicured.

Our weed removal service includes a variety of techniques and environmentally safe solutions, as well as hand-weeding in landscaped planters and beds.

When mowing in tight areas such as parking lots and sidewalks we use push mowers that expel mulch keeping the clippings away from parked cars or areas of heavy foot traffic. Any litter on the property, will be properly collected and disposed of.

In addition to the management of grass length and health, at ELS we trim around beds and all landscaped areas and offer clean edges to sidewalks. We also police lawns weekly to ensure that they are litter-free and looking their best.

Upon Request

Fertilization, weed & pest control programs

Pruning & shrub trimming 

Mulching & clean-up

Flower plantings

Aeration & overseeding

Multi-Family Residential Complexes:

It is imperative to maintain the visual appeal of multi-family properties, including apartment buildings, condominiums, retirement communities, and mixed-use villages.

First impressions count a lot when people are searching for homes. ELS ensures that your properties capture the imagination and invite curiosity about what awaits inside. With this understanding, we work closely together to develop a landscape maintenance system that makes sense for you, your tenants, your buyers and your budget.

We’ll enhance curb appeal and help create a signature “look” for your property to support your branding and marketing plans. ELS  aggressively strives to provide a higher level of service with the goal of meeting and even exceeding the expectations of the Property Manager and/or Owner.

We conduct frequent inspections of every property with the goal of identifying and anticipating both short term and long term needs, issues and concerns. Because of our extensive experience in Commercial property landcare, we realize that the needs of every property are different.

Budget limitations do not always allow for upgrades and improvements. Market conditions and budget restraints often limit the amount of money that can be spent on a particular property. We work hand-in-hand with the property owner and/or manager in providing a level of service that, as much as possible, complies with their budget limitations while at the same time addressing both the short and long-term needs of the property.

Industrial, Office, and Retail Complexes:  

A beautifully kept property establishes your company’s image at first glance, enhancing property value, attracting new tenants, and pleasing existing ones. A fresh, clean image is crucial to staying on the cutting edge – and a step ahead of the competition. ELS helps keep you ahead, providing everything from well-manicured turf to colorful floral displays to enhanced signage…and well beyond. We meet with you and design a complete landscape maintenance program that suits both your desires and your budget.

With ELS, you can expect quality.

Consistent professional service

Reliable workmanship maintenance

Comprehensive lawn Seasonal floral displays                                                                                

Consultation on potential site improvements

Knowledge of compliance with safety issues   

Please call or Request a Proposal and see the difference for yourself. 301-631-LAWN (5296)

Commercial Lawn Care