Five Timely Visits Per Year

Treatments scheduled every 4 to 6 weeks. (Spring through Fall)

• Extended Release Fertilizer – Keep your lawn healthy and green all season long.
• Organic Base Fertilizer – Micro-organism Calcium (humic acid)
• Special Blend  Fertilizer – to keep it going through the hot summer months.
• Organic Base Fertilizer – Micro-organism Calcium (humic acid)
• Premium Blend Fertilizer– keep you lawn healthy through the winter and provide early spring green-up.

We cannot guarantee protection from crabgrass without applying a pre-emergent fertilizer in the spring. So for that reason, this is a great option to consider. To replace the first round with a synthetic fertilizer, crab grass preventer.

 All Annual Programs Include
•Soil Sample and Analysis ($38.00 every three years, mandated by state law.)
•State approved nutrient management plan which helps protect Maryland’s surface and ground water.

We highly recommend adding  
• Aeration
• Over-seeding
To the 100% Pesticide-Free Lawn care 

 *No pesticides or weed controls will be applied to the lawn under this program unless you request treatment. 

 If your lawn is healthy without many weeds, this standard Program applications should provide enough weed suppression to keep it looking good. If you really hate weeds or already have a lot of weeds, you might consider one of these additional weed suppression options:

Seasonal Spot Chemical Weed Control (Mostly Spring and Fall)

                       *100% Pesticide-Free Lawn care